Key Tea Party Election Results Today

Here are the key races:

PA US Senate: Turncoat Snarlin’ Arlen Specter faces a real challenge in trying to win the Democratic nomination so he can win a 6th term in the Senate. His opponent in the primary is Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak, a retired navy admiral. Even if Arlen wins, he must still face a strong Republican, Pat Toomey in the general election in November. But if Arlen loses the primary today, the Tea Partiers will be smilin’.

AR US Senate: Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln is being challenged by Democrat Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Halter has made “change” the focus of his campaign [what, no “hope?”]. Lincoln’s vote for Obamacare was VERY unpopular in Arkansas. If she loses, the Tea Partiers will be smilin’.

KY US Senate: Newcomer Rand Paul, son of Cong. Ron Paul is challenging the establishment Republican candidate, Sec. of State Trey Grayson, to take over the seat of retiring Sen. Jim Bunning. Rand has been supported by the Tea Partiers and is way ahead in the polls. Tea Partiers are already smilin’.

There are several key House seats on the ballot as well. Special elections in PA and HI are being closely watched.

In Pennsylvania, there is a special election to fill the seat of the late John Murtha. Murtha held the seat for the Democrats for 36 years. But McCain carried the district in 2008. It’s close. Mark Critz, a long-time staffer for Murtha is the Democrat candidate. Newcomer Tim Burns is the Republican candidate. A Burns win would confirm that this is going to be a very big year for Republicans… and would make the Tea Partiers smile.

In Hawaii, there is a special election to fill the seat once held by Democrat Neil Abercrombie, who resigned to run for Governor. This is a weird race. Normally, Republicans wouldn’t stand a chance in this district. But the Democrats have two candidates who are feuding and splitting the vote. Democrat Colleen Hanabusa is president of the State Senate. Democrat Ed Case used to be the Congressman for this district. The local state Democrat bigwigs (including Sen. Inouye) are backing Hanabusa. Nancy Pelosi and Washington, DC Democrats are backing Case. The two Democrats are splitting the Democrat vote down the middle. In a special election, there are no primaries. So, against all odds, Republican Charles Djou, who serves on the City Council for Honolulu, is leading in the polls. If Djou wins, it will give the Democrats heartburn. . . and would make the Tea Partiers smile.

Five races to watch tonight.


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