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– Barack Obama, June 4, 2008

Obama stops the rise of the ocean


This was the moment

“Donde esta los weapons de automaticos?”

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Exhibit A: Detroit.

I could give other examples.

via Detroit: The Moral of the Story – By Kevin D. Williamson – Exchequer – National Review Online.

“I confess that not in my wildest dreams did I imagine President Obama’s campaign would be so awful.”

via Instapundit » Blog Archive » #OBAMAFAIL: I confess that not in my wildest dreams did I imagine President Obama’s campaign wo….

silence on Islam  & slavery. rudeness to the Dali Lama. silence on Egypt, Libya, & Syria. Inexplicable paralysis on Iran & N. Korea. Bumbling with Chinese dissidents.

“with the Obama presidency, human rights has completed its passage away from the political left, across the center and into its home mainly on the right—among neoconservatives and evangelical Christian activists.Conservatives didnt capture the issue. The left gave it away.”

via Henninger: The Great Human-Rights Reversal – WSJ.com.

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“a heretofore neglected pocket of resistance to the gender revolution in the workplace: married male employees who have stay-at-home wives.”

via Marriage Structure and Resistance to the Gender Revolution in the Workplace by Sreedhari Desai, Dolly Chugh, Arthur Brief :: SSRN.

Didn’t realize I was so easily identified as part of the resistance, but I guess so.

Note to all: the inflammatory, culture war rhetoric comes directly from the article.

The publication of this article paints a bullseye on every one of us husbands whose wives do not work.

Make no mistake. We are targeted for elimination and will be excluded from consideration for jobs in corporations of any size.

Two immediate reasons:

    • One: If I am in a management position, any female subordinate who files a gender discrimination complaint now has an immediate bit of scientific evidence to buttress her case. What corporation will want to assume the risk of allowing me to supervise employees?
    • Secondly: In any more broadly drawn complaint of gender discrimination, corporations will be asked how many of their male managers are married to stay-at-home wives? And were they aware of their propensity for bias and discrimination? And what steps have they taken to deal with this problem? Again, what corporation will want to assume the risk of employing any of us?

The last pockets of resistance to the gender revolution must be eliminated, comrades!

Up against the wall, traditional men!

God help us.


Barcepundit (English edition).

Supreme Irony


Hat tip to: Hope n’ Change Cartoons: Supreme Irony.


A response to the tired and tortured canards of the religious left.

a sample:

“Jesus’ values” had nothing to do with what the state was supposed to do for the poor or disadvantaged. They were about what you and your religious community were to do for the poor. “Jesus’ values” were the ethics of the Kingdom, and had to do, not with generalized principles for good conduct, but for the way His disciples were to live their lives in obedience to God. Getting the government to “perform the corporal works of mercy” is a way of shifting the burden from one’s own shoulders to those of the state, and to the polity as a whole, but Jesus never expected that non-disciples would follow His commands or do His works.

Very much worth your while to read…

David Fischler dissects Anthony Stevens-Arroyo’s distortions of the Bible and Theology in the Washington Post.

a hat tip to StandFirmInFaith.com



My interview with Senator Santorum (conducted week before last) has been published in Home Educating Family Magazine, and online!

Click below to read the full text:

Eavesdrop on a Chat with Senator Rick Santorum | Home Educating Family Association Blog.