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Christen und Islamischer Staat im Irak: Frankreich bietet Asyl an - SPIEGEL ONLINE

The story is only on the German side of Der Spiegel at the moment. I applaud the government of France!

Christen und Islamischer Staat im Irak: Frankreich bietet Asyl an – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Quick translation:

It was an Exodus in fear of death: Thousands of Christians had to leave the northern Iraqi city of Mosul a few days ago because they were threated by the terrorist group ISIS. Now France is offering the refugees asylum. “One must help every person who fled to Kurdistan because of the threats of ISIS,” reads a joint declaration from the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Monday in Paris. “We are prepared to give them asylum in our country, if they wish.”

Proud of the French.

Listening and waiting for the joint Declaration by John Kerry and Jeh Johnson.



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Der Spiegel – the German weekly news magazine, comparable to Time or Newsweek here in the USA – has just posted a story praising the remarkable progress that has been made in Iraq.

This is the equivalent of the New York Times praising President Bush for his leadership and communication skills and his masterly command of US foreign policy.

How long will it be before the US media must finally admit that the surge has succeeded? And further that Bush’s foreign policy in Iraq has actually worked?

I’m not holding my breath, but if Der Spiegel is forced to admit the truth . . . then anything is possible.

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From the Times Online:

Extracts from letters

Abu-Tariq, al-Qaeda leader

“There were almost 600 fighters in our sector before the tribes changed course 360 degrees . . . Many of our fighters quit and some of them joined the deserters . . . As a result of that the number of fighters dropped down to 20 or less.”

In what direction would you be heading (relative to your original course), if you changed course 360 degrees?

-Rob Shearer

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Marine and kids in Ramadi

THIS posting by Michael Totten is the kind of reporting that got done during WW2 by the best of the reporters. Totten is on his own and has been in Iraq for a long time.

The story of Anbar Province and Ramadi is one of the great success stories of the surge. Hence, there’s an almost total blackout in the mainstream media.

Lots of pictures – and real stories about what’s going on in one province in Iraq.

THIS is why we’re there. THIS has to scare the right-wing Islamists to death. THIS, if it is sustained and spreads will change the course of history in the middle east.

And if we abandon these people now and let them be slaughtered, God help us!

-Rob Shearer