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I will be the featured guest on the BlogTalkRadio show Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Conservatism tonight at 8:00pm Central Time (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific).  The show is hosted by Babe Huggett and Warner Todd Huston.

We’ll be talking about BOTH of Obama’s speeches this week, starting with the one to school-children on Tuesday.

Heard a great stand-up line yesterday.

Q: Why was Obama’s address to a Joint Session on Wednesday historic?

A: It’s the first time in US history that a President has give a speech two days in a row to an audience of children!


Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week. Please remember to tip your waiter.

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This Thursday night (6/4/2009), at 8:00 PM Pacific/10:00 PM Central/11:00 PM Eastern, I’ll be on the blogtalkradio show Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism.

The show is hosted by Babe Huggett (who blogs at TheRealityCheck.org) and Warner Todd Huston (who is a prolific blogger and owner of StopTheACLU).

You can click on the Life, Liberty link to go to the show’s homepage and listen to the show on your PC, streamed over the internet.

Hosts Babe Huggett and Warner Todd Huston discuss and examine current political events, put them in historical context and follow trends to their logical conclusions through a conservative, Christian viewpoint. Phone in comments from listeners always welcome! Call-in Number: (347) 237-4040

On this Thursday’s Episode (6/4/2009) of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism

Hosts Babe Huggett & Warner Todd Huston dig deep & analyze the news with their usual insightful and historical approach all the while being as politically irreverent as possible! It’s time to spend your Summer 2009 vacation cramming & jamming with home schooling advocates, Kay Brooks & Rob Shearer, as they educate us tonight about the deliberate persecution of home schooled graduates, the dumbing down of students in government propaganda factories a.k.a. public schools & the erosion of educational liberty in Tennessee in particular & the USA in general.

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